I Wont Make You Think

Steve Krug’s book “Don’t make me think,” is a conversational book that engages readers, forcing them to read on. The book takes us through the steps of constructing an effective website so viewers can examine your product effectively.

As a telecom major myself having a website is extremely important. You build a personal website to show off your brand and your personality to future employers. Krug mentions in his book there is no right way to construct a website. Although he gives these specific guidelines, he knows all websites are different.

He also mentions how extremely important titles for links are. He said you do not want your reader to think when they are scrolling, you just want them to click. You should guide them in the direction you want them to go. When perfect this your website will get more views and will be more effective.

In today’s society, it is so important you grab your reader’s attention because like Krug said: “the competition is always one click away, so if you frustrate your reader they’ll head somewhere else,” and he is right. Personally, I know that if I’m on a web site and the links aren’t working or the site is too difficult to navigate I leave right away.

This also applies to team websites. The University of Florida and Gatorvision make it so simple for its fans to navigate through their athletic site. Whereas sites for The University of Kentucky and the University of South Carolina are difficult for even me, someone who navigates athletic sites on a daily basis.

Krug also mentions how viewers don’t read they scan thus the reason SEO and subheadings are so important for websites these days. Putting the most important information at the top is a standard guideline to news writing but I think the more engaging way to do it is through subheadings.

Adding subheadings to an article breaks up the information so readers can scan and skip to the information they are looking for. I personally do this all the time. I click on a game preview and look for the key information I need to develop my story for TV or radio. When it takes me a long time to pick through the information it can get frustrating.

I enjoyed reading this book and the positive vibes Krug gave to his readers. It was an easy and enjoyable read and I recommend all journalism students to read it at least once. I will now take the information Krug provided me with and add it to my everyday work in the newsroom and on this blog.


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